Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekday Program Guide

5a--6a: America In The Morning w/Jim Bohannon
6a--7a: Good Day with Doug Stephan
7a--9a: Hanover In The Morning w/Roberts and Andrews**
9a--11a: Duke and The Doctor
11a--1p: Dr. Joy Browne
1p--4p: Clark Howard
4p--7p: The Bluegrass Railroad**
7p--9p: Michael Smerconish
(7p--8p WEDNESDAYS): New Age Living with Laurie Denise Andrews
9p--1a: The John Batchelor Show
1a--5a: Red Eye Radio

CNN Radio News and Skyscan Weather at the top of EVERY hour!

**--Metro Traffic Reports every 30 minutes, 7--9am and 4--6pm

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